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Season highlights

2023 at Oslo Roklubb

October 2023

World Rowing Coastal Championships 2023

In May 2023, Andreas Stabell Krohg and Sagar Sen from Oslo Rowing Club decided to compete in the World Coastal Rowing Championships. Despite personal challenges and unexpected interruptions, including the loss of Andreas’ family dog, they maintained their training regimen.

Their preparations included local regattas and environmental efforts, like collecting plastic waste. The championship journey started with a flight to Bari, where they practiced with a Filippi double and strategized around the course’s seven buoys.

They faced strong international competitors and tough wind conditions but managed to qualify for the B-final. On October 7, 2023, they finished 14th in the B-final, ranking 32nd out of 44 teams.

The experience was enriching, teaching them about navigation, endurance, and preparation for varying conditions. Inspired by their journey, they aim to promote inclusivity in rowing and introduce visually impaired rowers to the sport, supported by Oslo Rowing Club.

Read Sagar’s blog post to read more about their experience.

August 2023

Jens Petter Koren participated in the Nordic Masters regatta at Bagsværd in Copenhagen in August. He competed in four races, each 1000 meters: one in single sculls, one in double sculls, and two in quad sculls. Additionally, there was a regatta at Tunevannet near Sarpsborg on August 12th, covering 500 meters in single and double sculls. The first regatta was the Østlandsregattaen at Årungen on June 10th, consisting of 1000 meter races in single sculls and double fours.

June 2023

Geita Rundt 2023

The “Geita Rundt” 2023 regatta took place on June 6 in the scenic Oslofjord area, starting at 7:00 PM outside Maxbo. Organized by Oslo Rowing Club (ORK), this 9.7-kilometer event looped from the club house to Lysakerfjorden and around Geita by Snarøya, with a 50 NOK entry fee. The event welcomed rowers of all levels, from eager beginners to seasoned enthusiasts and competitive rowers, offering a variety of boat classes including inriggers, ¾-riggers, coastal single, double, and quad sculls. Safety was emphasized, with participants encouraged to carry necessary gear like life vests. After the race, Oslo Rowing Club’s house became a hub for community bonding and celebration, awaiting the award ceremony. “Geita Rundt 2023” showcased the community’s strength and dedication to rowing, marked by collective planning and coordination, ensuring a memorable event celebrating the sport and Oslo’s natural beauty.

January 2023

Oslo Roklubb’s Anders Meskestad Jacobsen won a bronze medal at the European Indoor Rowing Championships 2023 in Paris!

2023 got off to a fantastic start for Oslo Roklubb. Anders, who works as an air traffic controller, represented Oslo Roklubb at the European Indoor Rowing Championships in Paris, 27th-28th January 2023. He won a bronze medal in the senior men’s 40-44 age category, in a time of 6 minutes 13 seconds over 2000m.

Anders trains on average 9 sessions a week with a training programme inspired by the Ingebrigtsen brothers and Marius Bakken, Norwegian middle and long distance runners. The key elements of the programme are easy mileage, one harder session at competition speed, and a lot of mileage at “threshold speed” per week. Anders’s commitment to training is truly inspiring. Congratulations Anders on a phenomenal achievement!!

Read more about Ander’s training

2022 at Oslo Roklubb

2022 was a fantastic season for Oslo Roklubb. We had 39 new members join us, including beginners and experienced rowers, and we now have over 94 ORK members in total.

November 2022

Social activities are a big part of ORK. In November, 17 ORK rowers went together to see Hamlet at the Oslo Opera House.

The ORK winter season started, including Ashtanga yoga sessions, led by Paul, in the ORK club house. ORK rowers also started some other cross-training activities, including social jogs every Tuesday evening. Weekend rowing continued, including some beautiful sessions on the Oslofjord.

October 2022

Sagar and Andreas placed 13th in CM2x in the A finals at the European Coastal Rowing Championships in San Sebastian, Spain. They also wrote an article for the Norwegian Rowing Association: Leserbrev fra EM i coastal roing (Oslo Roklubb)

Sagar and Andreas in San Sebastian
2022 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships, San Sebastian, Spain ©Detlev Seyb/
2022 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships, San Sebastian, Spain ©Detlev Seyb/

George, Michael and Julian were awarded the inaugural Oslo Roklubb Above and Beyond Award for Newcomers, recognising their special efforts to make ORK what it is. Big thank you to them and to everyone who makes ORK such an incredible club!

Michael, George and Julian with the
Oslo Roklubb Above and Beyond Award for Newcomers

Many ORK rowers participated in Ulvøya Rundt, organised by Christiana Roklubb, including a Mix4+ (Gerson, Michael, Odin, Sarah and George), a MixC2x (Henry and Susanne), a CW2x (Jen and Jill) and two CM2x (Sagar and Andreas and Jerome and Martjin). Helene and Jens Petter from ORK also guest rowed for NSR. ORK rowers came away with lots of medals! Jen and Jill were the fastest CW2x and came third overall, beating many mixed and men’s crews, and Sagar and Andreas were the fastest CM2x and the overall fastest boat. Thank you to Christiana Roklubb for organising a great event!

George, Odin, Gerson, Sarah and Michael with their medals

Aside from racing successes, ORK rowers participated in our boat club TLC day. We spent the morning boat cleaning and doing boat maintenance together, followed by homemade cakes around the log stove. Looking after our boats and boat house is important to our club. Thanks to everyone who came along!

September 2022

ORK rowers competed at the Norwegian National Coastal Rowing Championships in Jeløya, Moss. Medals included: Gold: CM2x (Sagar and Andreas), CMix2x (Sagar and Jill), CMix4x (Paul, Sagar, Andreas, Jen and Jill), CW1x (Lea) Silver: CW2x (Jen and Jill) Bronze: CM2x (Jens Petter and Paul)

And special mention to Andres, Timo and Jerome who competed in their first NM in the CM1x and CM2x.

The Norwegian National Coastal Rowing Beach Sprints were held the next day. Medals included: Gold: CM2x (Sagar and Andreas), CW2x (Jill and Lea) Bronze: (Jerome and Timo)

ORK rowers at the Norwegian National Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprints Championships

Lots of ORK rowers raced at Ramberg Regatta, hosted by NSR. Natasza, Lea, Anna Maria and Tereza rowed in boats with NSR and Michael coxed. ORK boats included a Mix4+ (Paul, Nico, Jordan, Susanne and Jerome), a CM2x (Sagar and Andreas) and a CW2x (Jen and Jill).

ORK rowers with medals at Ramberg Regatta
Jen and Jill
Sagar and Andreas

Stine and Jens Petter represented ORK at the Norwegian National Rowing Championships at Årungen Rostadion.

August 2022

We held our very own ORK Summer Sprints Regatta where lots of our new rowers tried side-by-side racing for the first time! Well done to everyone who competed. It was a fantastic day, followed by a club BBQ.

Jens Petter and Stine also represented ORK at Tunevannsregattaen.

July 2022

We held an ORK coxing course. Led by Julian and Jen, the course introduced participants to the theory and practice of coxing. We also tried some coxing calls, ready for training and racing!

Trying out some new coxing calls!

On 1st July we had an ORK Rekefest, where rowers enjoyed shrimps in the sunshine.

June 2022

Magnus and Alistair won gold representing ORK at Bleikøya Rundt.

We held an ORK capsize course, led by Jill. About 20 ORK members attended. Well done to everyone for giving it a go on a beautiful sunny day!

April 2022

We kicked off the new season with an ORK welcome day for new and returning rowers. Led by Jill, the day introduced everyone to the basics of rowing and our club.

Martjin, Anna Maria, Jerome and Helene

Highlights from the ORK rowing season 2022. Thank you to all of our members!