We welcome complete beginners and experienced rowers. The only necessary requirement is that you are able to swim at least 50m comfortably.

Becoming a member as a new beginner

If you want to join us as a new beginner with no prior experience please contact us so we can arrange when it is best to come down for a training.

Becoming a member as an experienced rower

If you are an experienced rower who has rowed autonomously before and are interested in joining us or racing for Oslo Roklubb, get in touch with us via email.

Get in contact with us

Membership fees for 2023 season

Regular membership = 1250 NOK 

Regular membership with dugnad* = 750 NOK

Student membership = 750 NOK

Children (as family members under supervision of parents) = 50 NOK

*Membership is reduced to 750 NOK for the year if you participate in the season opening dugnad, where we all get together to help with maintenance and preparations at the club at the start of the season. 

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